Friday, July 3, 2015

Horse in the wilderness

When Autumn decides it's time for her to move into the small house her family rents out across the dirt road from her parents house she is dismayed to find it finally received a tenant. Having been through what she had in the last year she felt it deserved. The tenant is a new guy in town who seems standoffish and unfriendly. Her family welcomes him to town, invites him to dinner and to church.  He finds a job at the local school and becomes the music teacher. Autumn is kept pretty busy with her gelding, Scout and her German Shepard, Jimmy. In a turn of events Scout becomes lost in the wilderness and Autumn enlists the help of neighbor Brent and the action starts to build from there! The story is that of love and hurt and loss. It is a story that allows the reader to really take a look into relationships and the heart of God in it all. There is also an element of danger and thrill as you discover the mystery of The Vandal. For the animal lover in me and the love of adventure I truly recommend this book! It's a wild ride !! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Breakfast 6/22/15

So I was thinking about how I like to post pictures on Instagram when I'm proud of how healthy it is. And it made me think, 'Hmm, this is a great idea for my blog! If I have to post a photo of all the meals and snacks I eat I will most likely be healthier!' So this is the challenge, I will post a photo of all my meals I eat in hopes of continuing with my progress at eating better. What do you think? Anyone want to join me? I will try to post all three meal pictures together so as not to overwhelm the blog with food photos! 
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At First Sight (Book Review)

Jeremy Marsh, noted colomnist for Scientific American specializing in disproving the Supernatural. Divorced and 42 years old- finds himself caught up in a small town love story when on the hunt for The Mysterious Lights in Boone Creek, North Carolina. All at once his life changes when he finds out his girlfriend Lexie, of a few weeks is pregnant. The tale tells of Jeremy's move and giving up all he has in the big apple to give his future wife and child a life Lexie thinks fitting. After receiving an anonymous email with a warning he hadn't seen coming- it throws the engaged couple into a tailspin. Will they make it through this year and Lexie's pregnancy without their dreams of the future going as planned? You'll have to find out, by reading, At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks!

The Visitation (Book Review)

Frank Peretti, known for his chill giving, suspenseful creations did not disappoint with his 1999 Novel, The Visitation. Right away the book cover is stimulating and grabs your attention with it's scary image. The book centers around the small town of Antioch, Washington. The washed up ex-pastor Travis Jordan gets hit with a mysterious visitor who seems to know all about him. Travis, not concerned with the holy rollers of the town and all of their supposed 'sightings' pushes off from everyone and tries to keep to himself. Meanwhile Kyle Sherman, the new Pastor of Antioch Pentecostal Mission (Travis' old stomping grounds) full of Spirit and dedicated to bringing Travis back into his former life of pleasing God and saving the city. Together they discover that a man claiming to be Jesus could be the most amazing thing to happen to the town.. Or its worst nightmare. 

American Awakening

 There are voices that go unheard in the chaotic war of thought. Everyone is dying for their own opinions to be shared. Give me a moment you sea of popularity, spare a second you who have ears but no not hear. 
It's the whisper in the morning that you've been pushing away, the one that speaks to your very soul, yet becomes your last resort. Inside of you there is a truth to be uncovered, but you pile high your resources to overshadow it. 
Where is the scale to measure your heart? How far does it tilt to the left? To the right? Has it vanished altogether or have you sold your dignity for acceptance? Where is your bed? Why do you sleep in the streets? In the middle of the outlet mall? This great home, once filled with blessings and thankfulness--now a upside down roller coaster of deceit, dark shadows and Mr. Relative. 
When will we wake up and realize that we've welcomed with open arms the thief that breaks into our homes and kicked out our Fathers to be homeless? 
Don't sit anymore in this dark room--dimly lit with the flickering light of a few candles. But throw open the window shades and doors to be able to see the shadows run away and the light of day to right this world as we know it. 

Where my heart lies

There is a sound off in the distance that whispers in my ear. I can't seem to shake it. I hear it and it takes me to that place I want to go. My heart is pounding and I can feel my breathing quicken. I can no longer concentrate on the novel in my hands. I cannot regain focus on the words of that story that goes unread in my lap. I've been holding on to the pages as a bookmark but now it feels so light I cannot keep it in my grasp. The pages fall onto each other in a beautiful chaos and the story tumbles from my lap and onto my blanket. The sound grows more and more melodic and I get up from off the ground and look for that nostalgic noise that awakening of my soul that stirs me so that I feel in a daze. My hungry eyes can't find it, roaming over the grass, beyond the bushes, past the trees! I know it. I know it well. And I cannot keep myself from stepping off the linens, onto grass, with my bare feet that long for more than the greenery can offer. It's that feeling that goes undisturbed unless accompanied by the noise that is needed! It's the water that will quench my thirst! Yes! The water, and the feel and the noise! Oh! Can't you see it? Can't you feel it? It's what we all need! It's what we were made for! Yes, it is the millions of pebbles on the shore that quicken my steps! I am in the wind, running! With the longing for the coast, my coast, my ocean! !!


A droplet of water taps taps taps at the little puddle it's created.
It stopped raining hours ago but the dripping has just begun. Reminding me of all that I wish could be forgotten.
How did I get here anyway, to this nook and this craney? To this State of mind that is far off of what I had hoped for myself. 
If I could start over, wipe myself clean. I would need a large brush (if you know what I mean) . 
If I was the size, of an elephant eye I would jump in that puddle, I would sink down inside. 
But I need a Creator, because I can't clean up enough, it would first destroy my skin before I'd have reached the surface. 
So throw me in the ocean, purify my soul, hold me down gently and teach me to float. I need to get used to this water I'm in, I need to get use to drowning my sin. 
It's amazing to know what if feels to be clean, but more ridiculous is that it doesn't cost a thing! 
Only it's hard to keep the dirt from intruding, but I think of my Savior and it helps me in repeating over and over the things He has said. 
Now that dripping awakens and it helps to clear my head. 

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