Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review 2 (A Passion Most Pure)

A Passion Most Pure, by Julie Lessman
A Passion Most Pure, is set back in the earlier 1900's and pulls you in fromt he first page! There in between the cover and back lies a story that not only will grip your heart with an intensity strong enough to wet the eyes, but will also set your heart aglow with a romance, so pure, it will out-do many a love story you've ever heard.
In the heat of the story lies Faith O'Conner, a girl, with a love for God unmatched by many. Unfortunately, without meaning to she finds herself in love from a young age with Collin McQuire, a fast young man without the love for God or passion for purity. With his good looks and charm he catches the eye of Faith's younger sister Charity, whom has little need for God let alone her sister.
With a desire to be loved and his heart for the taking, Collin finds himself in a struggle between a sister with a passion for God and a stubbornness that drives him crazy and that of a beautiful young girl willing to give her love in a heart beat.

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