Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Changes

Well fellow bloggers I have just moved out, not just in my hometown down the a new City in a new State! Its a ton of changes going on and I'm also living with my single male cousin and possibly one of my best friends will move into my room with me and we might actually get bunk beds..I just got out of bunk beds with my 23 year old sister so I would rather not move her into there with me on a bunkbed..we will see how it escalates.
There is a lot on my mind and so bear with me the next couple weeks. Oh also my phone is off currently because I'm pretty broke..I have a part time job with my Aunt Sally with her cleaning business. I want to get a job at my local Roth's in the bakery. I need to make $$ that's all I know. I am looking to go to Culinary school in Portland but its going to cost a pretty penny to get that accomplished. And a huge transition to move from Salem to Portland.
Any advice for a newly moved out 21 year old?
I would like some input if you wouldn't mind:)

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