Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At First Sight (Book Review)

Jeremy Marsh, noted colomnist for Scientific American specializing in disproving the Supernatural. Divorced and 42 years old- finds himself caught up in a small town love story when on the hunt for The Mysterious Lights in Boone Creek, North Carolina. All at once his life changes when he finds out his girlfriend Lexie, of a few weeks is pregnant. The tale tells of Jeremy's move and giving up all he has in the big apple to give his future wife and child a life Lexie thinks fitting. After receiving an anonymous email with a warning he hadn't seen coming- it throws the engaged couple into a tailspin. Will they make it through this year and Lexie's pregnancy without their dreams of the future going as planned? You'll have to find out, by reading, At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks!

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