Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A droplet of water taps taps taps at the little puddle it's created.
It stopped raining hours ago but the dripping has just begun. Reminding me of all that I wish could be forgotten.
How did I get here anyway, to this nook and this craney? To this State of mind that is far off of what I had hoped for myself. 
If I could start over, wipe myself clean. I would need a large brush (if you know what I mean) . 
If I was the size, of an elephant eye I would jump in that puddle, I would sink down inside. 
But I need a Creator, because I can't clean up enough, it would first destroy my skin before I'd have reached the surface. 
So throw me in the ocean, purify my soul, hold me down gently and teach me to float. I need to get used to this water I'm in, I need to get use to drowning my sin. 
It's amazing to know what if feels to be clean, but more ridiculous is that it doesn't cost a thing! 
Only it's hard to keep the dirt from intruding, but I think of my Savior and it helps me in repeating over and over the things He has said. 
Now that dripping awakens and it helps to clear my head. 

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