Saturday, June 6, 2015

Revolution in World Missions

While on my Twitter account a few months back I came across a link that said, "Request your FREE copy today!!" And I clicked it of course! I love reading and I love mission work and so deeply appreciate our missionaries all across the globe! When it got to my house sadly I wasn't as excited as I had expected I would be and just wasn't feeling as if I would have enough time for reading it. But I finished reading another book I had been trying to finish for a few years and I felt inspired. This book, Revolution in World Missions was sitting on my nightstand just waiting to be discovered! So I picked it up and dove in head first! It is truly an amazing story of Dr. K.P. Yohannan and his life in India and his journey to discover how God really works. I felt that he helped me to see the true meaning of Gods word and Gods heart through the way he lived his life for the Lord. He really emphasized the importance to give all we can to the Lord and how it should be every Christians calling to serve in the mission fields or send. It is the great commission! He and his wife founded Gospel for Asia and they don't live the 'American Dream ' they live very simply in order to help the lost and dying souls in Asia that are so hard to get to by Western Americans- they enable natives from the countries in Asia to be trained to minister to their own people groups. 

'Mature Christians realize the Bible teaches there are only two religions in this world. There is the worship of the one true God, and there is a false system invented in ancient Persia. From there, Persian armies and priests spread their faith to India, where it took root. It's missionaries in turn spread it throughout the rest of Asia. Animism and all other Asian religions have a common heritage in this one religious system.' K.P. Yohannan (Chapter 15, page 140) 
It is a very insightful book if you've ever wondered what is actually going on over in Asia and the two-thirds world! It was an easy read and took me two days to read it all! I almost want to read back through it more slowly the second time to drink it all in better! 
Do get the book and do support the locals living in Asia! You can start out by giving $30 a month! Which makes up about how much I can spend on coffee or eating out with friends! (Probably less, let's be real) 

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  1. Thank you for posting this review Aimee! Ever since you talked to me about this book I've been wanting to read it! Ashley and I actually read chapter 15 together the night before she left on her missions trip to Cambodia! Very easy to read, I'm excited to read the whole book now :)


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