Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Visitation (Book Review)

Frank Peretti, known for his chill giving, suspenseful creations did not disappoint with his 1999 Novel, The Visitation. Right away the book cover is stimulating and grabs your attention with it's scary image. The book centers around the small town of Antioch, Washington. The washed up ex-pastor Travis Jordan gets hit with a mysterious visitor who seems to know all about him. Travis, not concerned with the holy rollers of the town and all of their supposed 'sightings' pushes off from everyone and tries to keep to himself. Meanwhile Kyle Sherman, the new Pastor of Antioch Pentecostal Mission (Travis' old stomping grounds) full of Spirit and dedicated to bringing Travis back into his former life of pleasing God and saving the city. Together they discover that a man claiming to be Jesus could be the most amazing thing to happen to the town.. Or its worst nightmare. 

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