Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where my heart lies

There is a sound off in the distance that whispers in my ear. I can't seem to shake it. I hear it and it takes me to that place I want to go. My heart is pounding and I can feel my breathing quicken. I can no longer concentrate on the novel in my hands. I cannot regain focus on the words of that story that goes unread in my lap. I've been holding on to the pages as a bookmark but now it feels so light I cannot keep it in my grasp. The pages fall onto each other in a beautiful chaos and the story tumbles from my lap and onto my blanket. The sound grows more and more melodic and I get up from off the ground and look for that nostalgic noise that awakening of my soul that stirs me so that I feel in a daze. My hungry eyes can't find it, roaming over the grass, beyond the bushes, past the trees! I know it. I know it well. And I cannot keep myself from stepping off the linens, onto grass, with my bare feet that long for more than the greenery can offer. It's that feeling that goes undisturbed unless accompanied by the noise that is needed! It's the water that will quench my thirst! Yes! The water, and the feel and the noise! Oh! Can't you see it? Can't you feel it? It's what we all need! It's what we were made for! Yes, it is the millions of pebbles on the shore that quicken my steps! I am in the wind, running! With the longing for the coast, my coast, my ocean! !!

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