Friday, July 3, 2015

Horse in the wilderness

When Autumn decides it's time for her to move into the small house her family rents out across the dirt road from her parents house she is dismayed to find it finally received a tenant. Having been through what she had in the last year she felt it deserved. The tenant is a new guy in town who seems standoffish and unfriendly. Her family welcomes him to town, invites him to dinner and to church.  He finds a job at the local school and becomes the music teacher. Autumn is kept pretty busy with her gelding, Scout and her German Shepard, Jimmy. In a turn of events Scout becomes lost in the wilderness and Autumn enlists the help of neighbor Brent and the action starts to build from there! The story is that of love and hurt and loss. It is a story that allows the reader to really take a look into relationships and the heart of God in it all. There is also an element of danger and thrill as you discover the mystery of The Vandal. For the animal lover in me and the love of adventure I truly recommend this book! It's a wild ride !! 

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