Tuesday, June 16, 2015

American Awakening

 There are voices that go unheard in the chaotic war of thought. Everyone is dying for their own opinions to be shared. Give me a moment you sea of popularity, spare a second you who have ears but no not hear. 
It's the whisper in the morning that you've been pushing away, the one that speaks to your very soul, yet becomes your last resort. Inside of you there is a truth to be uncovered, but you pile high your resources to overshadow it. 
Where is the scale to measure your heart? How far does it tilt to the left? To the right? Has it vanished altogether or have you sold your dignity for acceptance? Where is your bed? Why do you sleep in the streets? In the middle of the outlet mall? This great home, once filled with blessings and thankfulness--now a upside down roller coaster of deceit, dark shadows and Mr. Relative. 
When will we wake up and realize that we've welcomed with open arms the thief that breaks into our homes and kicked out our Fathers to be homeless? 
Don't sit anymore in this dark room--dimly lit with the flickering light of a few candles. But throw open the window shades and doors to be able to see the shadows run away and the light of day to right this world as we know it. 

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